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On Site Services

Actuation services offered by Triflow Installation Services offered by Triflow

On Site Services comes with OUR ORDER from YOU:
One of the most IMPORTANT and unfortunately the most NEGLECTED part of a CUSTOMER ORDER is AFTER the ORDER arrives to your SITE. All of a sudden your phone calls to the Contracted Supplier are not returned as quickly as pre-award.

TRIFLOW believes in the full cycle of a Sale—from Order Entry to Startup.


Essential to the successful startup of your facility and “we insist”! LUNCH and LEARNS:
From Valve 101 to very Product Specifics: Call and set it up.


During or after Installation, bring us on site to Walk it down.


For Existing Plants, TRIFLOW, partnered with some of our Principals, offer a FREE Walk Down, with Service and Action Recommendation Reports. Go to Technical Information page to review one of our Walk Down Programs.


Many of our Automated Products incorporate Valve Diagnostics that are valuable tools for Troubleshooting, Preventive Maintenance, and determining your Path Forward for Corrective Action. Training and Literature is available on request.


Simply put: Call us and let’s walk it, talk it, and solve it...24/7.
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Call Triflow at 1-800-678-4908 or 609-841-0389 (24/7). Serving the Mid-Atlantic states from West Berlin, NJ, since 1990.